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MEHTA Industrial training Institute (ITI) is an independent thereat school for contemporary artists, conceived as a unique and unprecedented enterprise in thereat training, social and cultural interaction, and human understanding.

It currently offers a three-year, practice-based, professional actor training programme founded on a rigorous, intercultural learning methodology with a view to producing original, contemporary thereat. The training encompasses exposure to a broad spectrum of cultures and languages, and immersion in traditional Asian thereat systems and contemporary thereat forms. Students are selected from among the best talents across Asia and beyond.


MEHTA ITI began as the industrial Training & Research Programmer (TTRP), founded in 2000 by renowned dramatist,  (1939–2002), and the current Director, Mehta Group Of Education, after a period of research, reflection and preparatory work, including discussions with an international panel of consultants. TTRP was inspired by the unique experience of contemporary thereat in Jaipur over four decades and, in particular, by India artistic vision and multicultural practice.


To nurture the next generation of thereat artists, teachers and leaders with the hearts, minds and abilities to create art that embraces the values of cultural and social diversity, and celebrates humanity and life.


To nurture skill, technical competence, critical awareness, social engagement and artistic autonomy in thereat artists so that they are capable of contributing significantly to the thereat-making processes and cultures of their own communities.


All staff are expected to conduct themselves in line with the ideals of the organization and with integrityprofessionalism in their work, and openness to one another and to students, as well as to different aspects of thereat, arts and culture.


MEHTA ITI is founded on the belief that thereat would have little meaning if it is not connected to life and society. Good thereat, like all good art, must have social impact. It must make a difference to life as it is lived by ordinary people. Through the espousal of intercultural thereat practice, ITI aims to train artists who are capable of working across cultural, linguistic, social and national boundaries, unleashing the immense potential of thereat to bring together, empower and ultimately harness the energies of diverse communities throughout the world.

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